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Reading Is Resistance!

The fight for racial equity begins in the mind. Check out this wonderful website called "Reading is Resistance" for recommendations on books that disrupt the dominant narrative on race, identity, and power. In the words of Reading for Resistance co-founder Zapoura Newton-Calbert, "Reading deeply, widely, openly, and critically together is one way of fighting dominant narratives around race, identity, and power. To intentionally curate inclusive home or classroom libraries and reading experiences for youth is to ignite the kind of radical imagination and collective action around racial justice that our world needs."

Summer Reading Programs

CSE encourages all its students to read every day during the summer. Not only is reading a fun way to pass the long summer days, but it also keeps your brain sharp and prepared for the next school year. Luckily, there any many free summer reading programs/challenges offered throughout the Twin Cities. Check out our Summer Reading Programs page to find the summer program that fits your family best!

Coronavirus Updates

It goes without saying that we REALLY miss seeing all of you (students, teachers, families)! Being out of school for so long, not seeing each other, and quarantining at home can be really hard. We can't wait to see you all as soon as it's safe to do so. In the meantime, we've put together lots of resources to help you stay busy, entertained, and keep your brains sharp! Check out our Quarantine Resources (featuring tons of links to eBook resources, eAudiobook resources, podcasts, and much more), Home Academic Support (resources for doing double duty as a parent and a teacher at home) Public Library Guides (resources for helping you make the best use of your public library and the numerous free resources they're offering during the COVID-19 pandemic) pages.

Be well and see you soon!

Mission & Goals

Mission: CSE Media Center staff strive to develop curious, creative, resourceful, and well-informed scholars who love to read, are capable of accessing, organizing, and evaluating information, and use their knowledge to solve problems and participate productively in their communities.

Media Center Goals:

Commitment to Excellence

    • Supporting each individual learner's needs and goals
    • Supporting academic excellence through learner assets and cultural strengths
    • Promotion of lifelong learning
    • Implementation of best practice instructional strategies

Student Development Goals

    • Development of an intrinsic love for reading (reading for pleasure)
    • Development of an intrinsic curiosity and thirst for knowledge
    • Development of personal and mutual respect through a welcoming, supportive, and engaging environment
    • Development of collaborative skills to encourage self-motivation and responsibility for personal actions

Skill Development Goals

    • Developing research skills to
      • Solve problems
      • Gain knowledge and satisfy curiosities
      • Answer research questions
    • Development of strong inquiry and critical thinking skills
    • Development of effective use of information technology, both digitally and in print
    • Development of strong literacy skills including reading, writing, and media literacy
    • Cultivation of safe and ethical technology and information usage practices
    • Development of correct ethical attitudes and habits in regards to intellectual property, plagiarism, and research

Volunteer at the CSE Media Center!

The CSE Media Center welcomes volunteers! Volunteers may assist with administrative library tasks (eg. re-shelving, managing the collection, assisting student patrons), read to students, or help keep the library clean and inviting. Volunteers may assist on a regular schedule (preferred) or on a limited, drop-in basis. Volunteer shifts are available Monday-Friday from 8:30 am-4:30. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please contact Alex Karpicke at: