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Quarantined? Check this out!

While CSE is closed from March 16 - April 3 and media center service is halted, all is NOT lost! When life gives the world Coronavirus, spend your time reading at home! It's the perfect way to pass the time and escape from the news for a while. Collected below you'll find lots of free online resources for continuing the joy of reading at home.

SPPL: Find tons and tons of eBooks and eAudiobooks through our local public library systems.
eBooksMN: Read tons of free eBooks online for Grades K-5.
Hennepin PL: Find tons and tons of eBooks and eAudiobooks through our local public library systems.
eBooksMN: Read tons of free eBooks online for Grades 6-9.
Ramsey PL: Find tons and tons of eBooks and eAudiobooks through our local public library systems.
Locally created stories for readers of all ages.
Storyline Online: Book videos - books read aloud by actors.Grades K-3.
What Should I Read Next? Type in a book you liked and get suggestions for your next book!
Audible: Listen to tons of free audiobooks for all ages on Audible.
Simon & Schuster Publishing: The Book Pantry


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Thank you for reading CSE Media Center's news section! Expect this section to be updated regularly with announcements, event details, information on new arrivals, and stories from CSE classrooms.

March is National Reading Month!

March is National Reading Month, our favorite time of the year! There are many wonderful ways to celebrate reading throughout the month of March. Below you'll find __ great ways to engage your students/children in the joy of reading this month:

Read Across America is an reading awesome program sponsored by the National Education Association. Check out their list of must-read books for NRM via the link above!

Public Library Guides

Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding communities are fortunate to have quality public library programs available to the public. CSE highly encourages families to make visits to the public library a regular part of their weekly routines. If you're not currently a public library member or have never taken advantage of the many services offered, check out our new public library guide page. There you'll find easy-to-access information on getting a library card, finding your nearest branch, and accessing the community services provided.

Check out our Winter Picks!

Winter is officially upon us. It's the perfect time of year to curl up inside with a good book. Choose from Thanksgiving titles, Christmas themed books, and much more in our Winter Picks section. Students, don't forget to load up on books in preparation for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Winter breaks!

Media Center Data

November 2019 Update

Total Circulations

  • 7,355 circulations school wide in November

Top Classrooms (checkouts per student)

    • Mrs. Sarah Her's 5th graders - 8.9 checkouts per student (277 total in Nov)
    • Ms. Mai Chia Lee's 3rd graders - 8.4 checkouts per student (261 total in Nov)
    • Ms. Johnson-Pencook's 4th graders - 7.9 checkouts per student (246 total in Nov)

Mission & Goals

Mission: CSE Media Center staff strive to develop curious, creative, resourceful, and well-informed scholars who love to read, are capable of accessing, organizing, and evaluating information, and use their knowledge to solve problems and participate productively in their communities.

Media Center Goals:

Commitment to Excellence

    • Supporting each individual learner's needs and goals
    • Supporting academic excellence through learner assets and cultural strengths
    • Promotion of lifelong learning
    • Implementation of best practice instructional strategies

Student Development Goals

    • Development of an intrinsic love for reading (reading for pleasure)
    • Development of an intrinsic curiosity and thirst for knowledge
    • Development of personal and mutual respect through a welcoming, supportive, and engaging environment
    • Development of collaborative skills to encourage self-motivation and responsibility for personal actions

Skill Development Goals

    • Developing research skills to
      • Solve problems
      • Gain knowledge and satisfy curiosities
      • Answer research questions
    • Development of strong inquiry and critical thinking skills
    • Development of effective use of information technology, both digitally and in print
    • Development of strong literacy skills including reading, writing, and media literacy
    • Cultivation of safe and ethical technology and information usage practices
    • Development of correct ethical attitudes and habits in regards to intellectual property, plagiarism, and research

Volunteer at the CSE Media Center!

The CSE Media Center welcomes volunteers! Volunteers may assist with administrative library tasks (eg. re-shelving, managing the collection, assisting student patrons), read to students, or help keep the library clean and inviting. Volunteers may assist on a regular schedule (preferred) or on a limited, drop-in basis. Volunteer shifts are available Monday-Friday from 8:30 am-4:30. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please contact Alex Karpicke at: