Yeng Lee

Transportation Coordinator

(651) 917-0073


Transportation is provided to all families in St. Paul and surrounding communities. A School bus or van service is available to many locations in the metro area and many suburban locations. CSE currently contracts with Hmong American Partnership Transportation Services to provide quality busing services to its students.Community School of Excellence is able and ready to discuss transportation with you from your home or work location. Please contact the school for more information on transportation.


Temporary Pick Up & Bus Change Process

We have established processes and procedures for student safety and to serve all our students and families more efficiently. Only legal parents/guardians of the student(s) can request a temporary pick up, bus change or early release verbally or with a written note. The parents/guardians may give permission for another adult(s) to pick up the student(s) and must provide the name(s) & relation of the person(s) at the time of request in addition to the effective date(s). Any changes to the student’s normal daily routine such as a pick up and bus change at regular dismissal or any early release from school such as doctor appointments require the following:

  • Call in request (651-917-0073) or written note from parents/guardians must be received before 3:00 p.m. the day of the pick up (request after the 3:00 p.m. cut off time is not guaranteed)

  • Authorized adult(s) can only pick up student(s) – we will only release student(s) to adult(s) who have been authorized by parents/guardians and/or are on the student’s profile

  • Adult(s) picking up student(s) must have an identification card for verification at time of pick up

For more information, refer to your Family Handbook (Temporary Pick Up Process, page 15 & Transportation Policy, page 26). You can pick up a copy of the Family Handbook at the front desk.