Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer (S-EBT)
Information and Data Privacy Notice 

(Minnesota Statutes, section 13.04 subdivision 2)

S-EBT Information

Your child may be eligible for S-EBT for the  2023-2024 school year. The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023 authorized a permanent, nationwide Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer (Summer EBT) program for eligible families beginning in 2024. The state of Minnesota, in a joint effort between the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) and Minnesota IT Services (MNIT) is pleased to announce plans to implement this new federal Summer EBT program in summer 2024. The Summer EBT program provides families with school-aged children eligible for free or reduced-price school meals $40/month per child ($120 total) during the summer months to purchase healthy foods with funds placed on EBT cards.

To be eligible for S-EBT, children must be approved for free or reduced-price meals in one of the following ways: 

Data Privacy

In order to confirm your child’s eligibility for S-EBT, Community School of Excellence must provide information on you and your child to MDE. In addition, MDE must share some information with DHS in order to distribute S-EBT benefits. This information includes private data about you or your minor child under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. 

Community School of Excellence will provide MDE with the following information:

MDE will provide DHS the following information:

MDE and DHS will only use your information for determining eligibility, distributing benefits, communicating with you about S-EBT, and managing and evaluating the S-EBT program in Minnesota. Your data will not be used for any other purposes. Only MDE and DHS staff working on the program or others with legal authority to access your data by a state or federal law will have access to your information.

Opting Out

If you do not want Community School of Excellence to share your information with MDE and DHS, please notify the school no later than Friday, May 3rd by either calling or emailing Nina Xiong-Kong at 651-282-0187 or If you do not want your information shared with MDE, we will not share it. If you opt out of sharing your information with MDE and DHS, you will not receive S-EBT benefits because MDE and DHS will not be able to determine eligibility and know where to mail your S-EBT card(s). 

Additional Information

If you have recently moved and have not updated your home address or contact information with Community School of Excellence please contact the school with your most recent home address and contact information by Friday, May 3rd .  

It is important that we have your most recent address as this is how you will receive the new EBT card. If your address is not up to date your child  will most likely not receive their new EBT card.

If you have questions or concerns about this data privacy notice, please contact Nina Xiong-Kong at 651-282-0187 or

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2024-2025 Calendar


December 15, 2023

Today, as we reflect upon the life and legacy of Tou Ger Xiong, we celebrate a community activist whose unwavering commitment to education has left an indelible mark on our collective spirit.

Tou Ger Xiong was more than an advocate; he was a catalyst for change, a tireless champion for the betterment of our schools and the nurturing of young minds. His passion for education continuously shone bright, illuminating a path towards progress and empowerment. Behind the scenes, he was a driving force that propelled our school toward excellence.

His involvement in our community extended far beyond mere activism; Tou Ger Xiong was a pillar of support and a wellspring of ideas for the Hmong community. He believed in the value of education and worked side by side with educators, administrators, and parents, fostering a sense of collaboration that transcended the boundaries of roles and titles. Through countless hours of dedication, Tou Ger Xiong embodied the belief that a strong community is built upon the foundations of a robust educational system.

Tou Ger Xiong understood that education is not confined within the four walls of a school; rather, it extends into the homes and hearts of the community. He initiated programs that reached out to families, creating bridges of understanding and support that strengthened the educational journey for every child. Tou Ger Xiong believed that the success of a school was intertwined with the well-being of the entire community, and he tirelessly worked to nurture this interconnectedness.

Beyond strategic brilliance and unyielding determination, Tou Ger Xiong possessed an extraordinary ability to inspire others. He sparked a flame within every person he encountered, igniting a passion for positive change. His infectious enthusiasm and genuine care for the well-being of the community resonated with everyone and fostered a sense of unity.

As we honor Tou Ger Xiong, we do not mourn the loss of a remarkable individual; instead, we celebrate the enduring legacy he leaves behind. In the echoes of classrooms, in the collaborative spirit of our community, and in the hearts of those touched by his tireless efforts, Tou Ger Xiong lives on. His work is a part of the foundation upon which our school and community will continue to build a brighter, more inclusive future—one where the flame of education is kept alive and the spirit of activism thrives in the pursuit of a better tomorrow. 

In the famous words of Tou Ger Xiong, “Go Hmong Boy, Go!” 

In loving memory, 

The Community School of Excellence 


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