Food Program

Pao Thaopaot@csemn.orgFood Service Manager

Food Service Information

The goal of the Food Service Program at CSE is to provide students with healthy and nutritious meals that meet federal nutrition guidelines. Research shows that children who eat breakfast have an increased ability to learn, better academic performance and a decreased risk of being overweight.
A. BreakfastAt CSE, all school breakfasts will contain milk and/or fruit juice and a main dish that includes grains and/or a source of protein. CSE’s breakfast must meet current Dietary Guidelines for Americans and must provide at least 1/4 of a child’s daily requirement for calories, protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C.
For the breakfast meal to be reimbursable to CSE, students must select the required portion size for their age group and required number of items as outlined by the federally regulated USDA breakfast program. School breakfast monitors must position themselves at the end of the food service line (the “point of service”) and must check each student’s food selections to ensure that each meal is properly reimbursable. This item check shall be performed before a student enters his/her PIN number into the Infinite Campus system, indicating that the meal is reimbursable.
All students that enter the building before 9:00 a.m. should go directly to their designated area for breakfast. CSE Cafeteria for grades K-3 and CSE Big Gym for grades 4-8.
ALL STUDENTS ARE OFFERED FREE BREAKFAST AT 8:30 A.M. Students who do not wish to take free breakfast should not go through the breakfast line and should take a seat in the cafeteria/gym until dismissal to class. Students will be dismissed to their homerooms by their breakfast supervisors. Classroom instruction begins promptly at 9:05 a.m. in the morning.Staff members are expected to assist with bus or breakfast duties or to be in the hallways by their classrooms to assist with student supervision during morning transition from breakfast to homeroom.
B. LunchALL STUDENTS ARE SERVED FREE LUNCH. Students who do not wish to take free lunch should not go through the lunch line and should take a seat in the cafeteria until dismissal to class. Teachers are expected to give bathroom breaks and supervise hand washing prior to lining up students for lunch. Middle School students may go to lunch on their own at their designated tie by their teachers. Teachers must escort students from recess back to the classroom in a timely manner so instructional time is not lost. Teachers who have recess duty will eat with their students. Students cannot bring additional snacks including chips, candies, pop, etc. to the school, their classroom, the lunchroom or to recess.
If your child has additional dietary restrictions due to medical reasons or allergies please contact the school health provider so we can consider and alternative menu for your student. This request must be accompanied by a doctor’s note listing acceptable food recommendations.
C. Student MealsStaff may NOT offer or give food other than school food to any student. Staff cannot take any student away from campus to buy a different breakfast or lunch. Food cannot be taken out of the cafeteria unless prior approval has been made with staff/administration.
D. Snacks—After School ProgramSnacks will be handed out and monitored by the cafeteria supervisors in the After School Program. Students will go to pick up snacks in the cafeteria and enter their PIN number into Infinite Campus. Students who do not want to eat snacks will not come into the cafeteria prior to the After School Program. Students who do not want to eat snack will go directly to their after school activity or enrichment class. They may not take snacks into the hall or home on the bus. Snacks will be served in the After School Program only.