School tours by appointment only,

call (651)917-0073 to set up appointments.

Parent Information

At Community School of Excellence, parents are invited and welcome to participate in a variety of activities, from volunteering to celebrating and, of course, conferences. Due to the importance of the teacher and parent relationship, we have 100% participation in our conferences.
At CSE, we conduct home visits to develop relationships between family and school, and we provide high quality meals and transportation to our students to meet parents' high expectations and needs.
We welcome visits to the school and are happy to answer any questions parents may have.

Why Parents Choose CSE

While many schools and school districts are facing declining enrollment, we continue to have families seeking to place their children in our school and to expand beyond grades K-8. Why? Simply put, it’s because they feel that we are delivering what they want and expect for their children regarding their educational and their cultural experiences.
  • Our staff treat our students like extended family.
  • We conduct home visits to help teachers, parents and students set goals and establish positive relationships.
  • Our meal program features nutritious, freshly made Hmong meals four times per week.
  • We offer city-wide transportation.
  • Bus pick-up at the door or within a block of home.
  • We offer all-day kindergarten.


  • Students want to be here because they are inspired to learn and feel welcomed and respected, which they show us through great attendance and 0% truancy
  • Our families participate in multiple ways and at extremely high rates, with 100% participation at parent-teacher conferences, and more than 3,000 family and community members attending our Hmong New Year event.
  • Parents consistently give CSE high satisfaction ratings on annual stakeholder satisfaction surveys.
  • CSE expects academic success and provides a rigorous academic program with college preparation provided for all students.
  • We conduct home visits at the beginning of the school year to help teachers, parents and students set academic and non-academic goals, establish positive relationships, and get to know one another as a foundation to having a successful school year.
  • CSE provides city-wide transportation, with buses picking up students at their door, or no more than a block away from their home.
  • We use multiple sources of data to track student performance, including state tests (MCA IIIs) and twice-a-year progress tests (NWEA).
  • CSE staff believe in our mission and take part in supporting all of our students — whatever their position. Our CSE team treats each other and our students as extended family. Our teachers enthusiastically participate in collaborative and on-going professional development.
  • Our meal program is amazing. Our chefs prepare freshly made meals to students and staff each day, with four meals a week including Hmong traditional food. At CSE, we know that a healthy learning and working environment includes good food to stimulate the brain and satisfy the palate.
  • Our Global Connections program provides students the opportunity to travel abroad to Laos, Thailand, China and Vietnam to participate in real-time international learning experiences.
  • CSE weaves technology into learning with a 1:1 laptop program for all middle school students, as well as three computer labs, a laptop cart, and a computer station in all elementary classrooms.
  • Our creative and supportive programming has garnered interest and visits from the U.S. Department of Education, as well as local and international education organizations.


Energy Assistance Program (EAP):

  • Renters & homeowners are eligible.
  • Assets such as the home are not considered in determining eligibility.
  • Grants range from $300 to $1,600, based on household size, income, and fuel cost.
  • The average grant is about $550.
  • In addition to the initial grant, additional Crisis funds are available to:
    • Help pay a past due bill or get an emergency fuel delivery.
    • Help homeowners get their broken furnace repaired or replaced.
How to apply for EAP§ Households contact their local EAP service provider to apply for EAP.§ In St Paul, the EAP provider is Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties, 651-645-6470§ Households can find their EAP provider:§ 29 local EAP service providers including Community Action Programs, counties, tribal governments and non-profits serve all areas of the state.§ Find general EAP information at .EAP Flyers