Academic Honesty & Digital Citizenship

Academic Honesty Policy

Community School of Excellence takes academic honesty very seriously. Please review our Academic Honesty Policy below to ensure all stakeholders (students, families, teachers, and other CSE staff) are working together to maintain ethical practices and high academic standards.


Digital Citizenship Education

With the continual increase of time students spend in their "digital lives" (ie. social media, online learning, gaming, shopping, digital research, digital communication, etc.) the need for practical, effective instruction in digital citizenship gets greater and greater. CSE understands the importance of students' digital well-being and starts educating students in this area starting in 1st grade. Using Common Sense Media's quality, research-based curriculum, CSE students learn about digital well-being through 6 important lenses:

  • Media Balance & Well-Being

  • Privacy & Security

  • Digital Footprint & Identity

  • Relationships & Communication

  • Cyberbullying, Digital Drama, & Hate Speech

  • News & Media Literacy

Lessons are designed by grade level for developmental appropriateness. Use the link to the left to learn more about Common Sense Media's digital citizenship curriculum.