Welcome to Library Go!

Library Go is St. Paul Public Library’s (SPPL) virtual library card for students. With Library Go, students can check out up to 10 physical items. Online, they can get homework help from a tutor, find primary resources using our databases, find a book to read, and download eBooks and eAudiobooks.

Check out hardcopy materials from your local library.

Download eBook and Audiobooks on your device.

Live tutoring, homework help, writing support, skills practice & more.

Library Go Support

Having trouble logging in? Can't figure out how to use the SPPL website or Cloud Library/Libby? Watch the videos below to help you learn!

Library Go Introduction

Library Go Instructions in Hmong

Library Go Instructions in Karen

Checking Out Hardcopy Materials Using Library Go.webm

Checking out Hardcopy Materials Using Library Go

Reading eBooks with Library Go Overview

Reading eBooks/Audiobooks with Libby (Overdrive)


What is Library Go?

Library Go is a digital library card that gives you access to all materials at St. Paul Public Libraries (books, mangas, graphic novels, movies/tv shows, music, and more), online databases, audiobooks, and e-books. You automatically get a card as a student at CSE

What kinds of resources are available with Library Go?

You are able to check out all physical materials (books, mangas, graphic novels, movies/tv shows, music, and more and have access to e-books, audiobooks, online databases, tutoring and homework help, free classes, library events, etc.

How do I login to my Library Go account?

To use your Library Go card you just need to visit the SPPL website (www.sppl.org) and login. To login you will need your barcode number and your PIN number. Your login information is listed above for you. If you forget your info, your teacher/advisor has your login information for you (so does Mr. Karpicke) and can remind you. Once you are logged in you can check out whatever you want!

How many items can I check out?

You can check out 10 physical items at a time. You can also use Library Go to check out e-books and e-audiobooks through Overdrive (Libby) and cloudLibrary, both of which have a 25 item limit.

Will I have to pay money if I lose a book or return them late?

NO! At SPPL there are never late fees or fines with Library Go cards. Learn more about Saint Paul Public Library’s Fine Free policy at sppl.org/fine-free . Even though there are no fees, it’s important to always return your materials.

Can my parents/guardians use my Library Go card?

Yes, parents/guardians can use their child’s Library Go account, as long as the child is present.

Can I share my account with friends, siblings, cousins, etc?

NO! It’s very important that you protect your account information and only use your account for yourself (or your parents if you don’t mind sharing with them).