The Media Center also uses MackinVIA as a portal allowing CSE students to access over 2,000 free eBooks. These eBooks are made available through the Ebooks MN initative sponsored by Minitex. Students can also use Epic Books, a great website for free eBooks.

Curated Digital Resources

The CSE Media Center uses MackinVIA to provide rich classroom support in an easy-to-use, one-stop location. Through MackinVIA teachers collaborate with the media center to:

  • Customize easy-to-access digital resource collections for assignment support

  • Simplify research projects with curated collections of quality sources

  • Organize eBooks into easy-to-access collections customized for specific learning topics

Through MackinVIA media center staff and classroom teachers team up to provide learning support that reaches into each classroom.

Accessing MackinVIA

CSE provides access to MackinVIA to students, teachers, and CSE families only. For login credentials granting access to the system, please contact mediacenter@csemn.org.