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Updated information about CSE's

"Change in Authorizer Application".

Minnesota Guild of Charter Schools (The Guild) is CSE's new authorizer beginning July 1, 2016. Concordia University had been the authorizer for Community School of Excellence since our school started, and we thank them for their years of guidance, support, and service.CSE is excited for this new partnership and support from The Guild, a dedicated charter school authorizer whose Board of Directors "exemplify a deep commitment to educational excellence and represent expertise from multiple sectors." The Guild further declares that they promote "innovative, research-based schools that rely on teacher expertise to identify and use effective teaching strategies, promote engaged student learning, create professional autonomy, and ensure effective, shared responsibility for outcomes."

We are honored that our future will be guided by our work with Minnesota Guild of Charter Schools.

What is the Role of a Authorizer?

Minnesota law, like that of other states, includes a requirement that chartered schools must be granted a charter by an entity referred to as the "sponsor" or "authorizer." The concept of a "charter" and the subsequent "contract for results" are central to the chartering idea. Sponsoring is the granting of a charter to an organization/operator that enables the operator to open and implement a chartered school. The authorizer has key roles throughout the development, implementation and evaluation of the schools it sponsors.

These roles are:

  • Provide information regarding the intent and conditions of the organization to serve as an authorizer of chartered schools;

  • Determine whether a proposal requesting it to serve as an authorizer meets state, federal and authorizer criteria for a charter school;

  • Follow a determination that the proposal meets all requirements, along with the operator, the sponsor requests the commissioner to approve its intent to grant the charter;

  • Enter into a contract with the operator following commissioner approval;

  • Provide assistance and service to the school as agreed to in the contract or service agreement;

  • Provide ongoing oversight of the school to ensure compliance with the contract and service agreement as provided for in state law; and,

  • Determine whether or not to renew the charter based on the results achieved by the school.