About CSE

Community School of Excellence (CSE) is a K-8 Hmong language and culture school located in St. Paul, Minnesota. The school was started by a group of dedicated educators, parents and community members who had a desire and passion to create a Hmong language and culture school that truly belonged to the community and provided a world class education for all students.

The school is a unique, K-8 charter focused on Hmong language and culture that is supported by 40,000 Hmong residents living in the Saint Paul Frogtown and North End neighborhoods. CSE is a very welcoming school open to all neighborhood children that offers students and families a world class education in a supportive setting.

21st Century Skills: 

Our children today are learning in a world which requires new literacy and skills for success. 21st Century education is more innovative and interactive than ever. Project-based learning opportunities allow our students to discover their leadership potential and refine their collaborative skills as they prepare for an exciting 21st Century workforce. We are a student-centered school that strives to create individual learning experiences while offering state-mandated core curriculum. See how CSE is serving students in each of the 21st Century Literacy areas that are important to their growth: 

Global Literacy:
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Learners work collaboratively with classmates and others around the world
  • Authentic connections with local and global community members
  • Global connections beginning in kindergarten
  • Preparing students for a globalized, multi-media, integrated society
  • Current-event connections across all subject areas 
Language Literacy:
  • Promote effective oral and written communication
  • Hmong Literacy for all students: reading, writing, listening,speaking
  • Chinese language classes taught by our Exchange Teacher from Beijing
  • English Language integration and support; language teaching in all subject areas
  • ESL/ ELL Coteachers collaborate with all classes to support language learning
Cultural Literacy:
  • Welcoming environment and positive inter-cultural interactions
  • Hmong integrations in all curriculum areas
  • Units are planned to reflect cultural connections in every subject
  • Cooperative learning strategies to promote skills for working with others
  • Study of self and the world
  • Interpersonal skills as a key element to classroom interactions
  • Positive communication with others from cultures and backgrounds which differ from our own
  • International Baccalaureate curriculum supports knowledge of self and world cultures 
Digital Literacy:
  • Web literacy and internet safety
  • Accessing and Analyzing Information
  • Allowing student to use technology to foster creativity and contributions
  • Multiple methods for computing: mobile laptop station, iPod Touches, SMART boards, computer labs
  • Expanding use of classroom web 2.0 tools to collaborate with others (skype, edmodo, twitter, so forth)
  • Integrating technology as a daily life-skill vs. an add-on
  • Teachers continuously learn and add to their own web 2.0 and technology skills
  • Administrative support and modeling
Creative Literacy:
  • Agility and Adaptability
  • Curiosity and Imagination
  • Promote risk-taking and innovation, classes are not one-size-fits-all
  • Flexible teaching methods: use of Gardner's Mulitiple Intelligences in all classes
  • Opportunities for authentic assessments- with real life audience
  • Challenge student to contribute to their society
  • CSE's new building has expanded space for: computer labs, Art lab, science lab, gyms, and music space
  • Extended day: Hmong cultural enrichment opportunities foster creativity and expression
  • IB Application: IB world school students are supported in their personal creativity and service to their community (CAS service projects in all Middle Grades).