Instructor: MiNtshis Vang, Dance
Grades:3rd-8th GradeGirls and Boys
Time:Monday-Friday 4:15pm-8:00pm
Highlights:- Beginner to advance dancing- Boys welcome to join- Perform throughout Twin Cities- Perform at events

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CSE dance groups consists of girls and boys from 3rd to 8th grade. These dancers are trained under Ms. MiNtshis Vang, an experienced dancer with different backgrounds of cultural dancing. The CSE dancers train, compete, and showcase year round to celebrate the richness of the Hmoob and other cultures.

CSE dancers practice from 4:15pm-8:00pm, which includes dance journals, dinner, and then stretch out and dance.

There are three groups.

Group A (advanced group) usually practices two-three times a week. In this group, the dancers have to learn three or four routine a year. This team competes and performs. The dances are harder to learn, and dance days are more intense. But the students enjoy it and always have tons of fun! This dance group also learns a variety of cultural dances from Hmoob, Chinese, Indian, and many more.

Group B (beginner’s group) practices once or twice a week and has to learn one or two routines a year. This group mainly performs in school. They learn the basics of dance and basic acrobatic movements and perform only Hmoob and Chinese dances.

Hip Hop Group is one of our newest groups. They practice once a week. If there are upcoming performances, the practice dates may increase. Overall, since this group is so new, we do all sorts of hip hop style including Korean hip hop, Japanese hip hop, Thai hip hop, and many more.

The CSE Dance Teams' mission and goals are to allow and provide dancers of all ages and talents to express themselves through the art of dance and music. We encourage all our students to grow artistically and academically to their full potential. We focus on making our dancers become leaders, on building confidence & self-esteem, tightening bonds, learning discipline, and overall, having fun!