Home Academic Support

Home Academic Support

Welcome CSE's Home Academic Support page. This section of our website is designed to make at home learning convenient and fun for you and your child.

Explore the numerous links provided below, which have been curated and vetted by our teachers and academic leaders.

For Everyone (Multiple Subject Sites)

IXL: Math, Reading, Social Studies, ScienceAll CSE students have an account.
Fun Brain: Games, Math, Reading, VideosGrade PreK to Grade 8
Electronic Library of Minnesota: Digital resources for all Content Areas. Grades 1-9
Pearson Perspective Family Site/MDE: ELA, Math, ScienceGrades 3 - 12
ABCYA!: Reading, Math, Strategy, Skill, Holiday GamesGrades Prek to Grade 6+
Common Sense Education: Education resources for families during the Coronavirus pandemic.
Fun at Home: Digital Games - Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies Grades K to Grade 6+
Nick Jr. Games: Math, Reading, SEL SkillsGrades PreK- 2
Wide Open School: A wide range of resources for learning at home. Grades K-12.
TedEd: Videos with questions and discussions: All Subject areasGrades 6 - 12+
PBS Kids: Educational Games, Videos, Activities for KidsGrade PreK-2

Math Support

MDE: Learning Locator for MathGrades 3-12
Math Games: Fun Math Games. Grades PreK-8
Coolmath4kids: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, FractionsGrades 1 - 5

Math Playground: Math GamesGrades 1-6
Prodigy: Math Learning Platform. Grades 1-8
Math Chimp: Math Games, Videos, and Worksheets. Grades 1-8
Splash Math: Common Core Math Games. Grades PreK-5.
Math is Fun: Math GamesGrade 3+
Khan Academy Math:Grades K-8

Reading Support

MDE: Learning Locator for ReadingGrades 3-12
Khan Academy ELA:Grades K-8
Audible: Free audiobooks for all grades.
Newsela: Reading comprehension & vocab. All subject areas. Grades 3-9+. All CSE students have an account.
Room Recess: Reading Games. Grades K-6.
Unite for Literacy: Books read in over 40 languages (including Karenni & Hmong!)
Free Reading Program: Online Literacy Program. Grades 1-6.
Scholastic: Learn at HomeGrades PreK to Grades 6+
Book Connections: Reading engagement resources for young readers.
Storyline Online: Book videos - books read aloud by actors.Grades K-3.
Word Central: Build your own dictionary, daily buzzword, gamesGrades 3+.
Book Connections: Reading engagement resources for teens.

Science, Art, PE, and Hmong Language

PBS Building Big Bridges: EngineeringGrades 4-9+
Cosmic Kids Yoga: Yoga for kidsGrades PreK-6+
Radiolab for Kids: A science focused radio show from WNYC. Grades 5-12.
Go Noodle: MovementsPrek to Grade 4+
ABCYa: How to… Art VideosGrade 3+
CSE Hmong Language Program: Practice Hmong at Home.Grades K-5
ArtGraphica: Art Lessons - Drawing, Water Color, Charcoal etc. Grades 2-9+.

SEL Resources

Change to Chill: Activities helping students to stay calm during uncertainty.
Kindness Curriculum from the Center for Healthy Minds (UW-Madison )
Cosmic Kids: Even more breathing exercises.
Growth Mindset videos from Class Dojo.
Mindful Schools: Practice mindfulness at home videos.
Imagine Neighborhood: Podcast for kids and adults to practice their social emotional skills.
Toolkit for helping kids through grief with their favorite Sesame Street characters.
Parent Co: Deep breathing exercises.
Committee for Children: Free SEL activities to empower and help kids of all ages realize their goals.
Grief support from The Dougy Center.
Left Brain Buddha: More breathing exercises.

Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety Resources

Common Sense Education: Digital citizenship and internet safety lessons for Grades K-2.
Common Sense Education: Digital citizenship and internet safety lessons for Grades 3-5.
Common Sense Education: Digital citizenship and internet safety lessons for Grades 6-8.
Common Sense Education: Digital citizenship and internet safety lessons for Grades 9 and up.


Radiolab for Kids: A science focused radio show from WNYC. Grades 5-12.
But Why?: A podcast for curious kids inspired by curious kids from NPR. All ages.
Pickle: A podcast that explores life’s trickiest questions with curious kids. All ages.
Brains On: An award-winning science podcast for kids and curious adults from APM. All ages.
KidNuz: News for kids offering 5 mins of the day's top stories, politics, science, entertainment, sports and more. All ages.
Book Club for Kids: A biweekly podcast features middle schoolers talking about a popular YA books.
Wow in the World: A podcast about the latest news in science and technology from NPR. All ages.
The Past & Curious: Interesting, little-known stories from history. All ages.
Big Kids Life Podcast: A fun podcast focused on growth mindset and achieving your dreams.
Tumble: A podcast about fascinating science topics that a love of science. All ages.
Stuff You Should Know: A podcast explaining the ins and outs of everyday things. For Grades 6-9.
Million Bazillion: A podcast for kids about financial literacy, managing money, and economic concepts.