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We have implemented a temporary nighttime curfew in Minneapolis and St. Paul in order to restore peace. It will be in effect from 8pm-6am on Friday and Saturday night. I urge Minnesotans to comply – It’s time to rebuild our community.

Governor Tim Walz (@GovTimWalz)

Curfew Guidance - Hmong: Tus Tswv Xeev Walz rhawv ib txoj kevcai uas Txwv Hmo Ntuj thoob plaws Minneapolis thiab Saint Paul uas pib hmo no thaum 8 moo tsaus ntuj.

Tus Tswv Xeev Tim Walz tau xee ib txoj kevcai uas txwv hmo ntuj uas yuav pab tiv thaiv cov pejxeem Minnesota ntawm tej uas cov neeg tau ua tsis raws cai thiab phom sij heev uas tau muaj ob peb hnub no thiab tsim teeb meem rau cov uas tsa paib raws cai thiab cov tub ceev xwm tub tua hluavtaws. Tau teem txoj kevcai txwv hmo ntuj uas pib hmo no thaum 8 moo tsaus ntuj mus txog 6 moo sawv ntxov (Hnub 5, 05/29) thiab rau tagkis tsaus ntuj 8 moo tsaus ntuj mus txog 6 moo sawv ntxov (Hnub 6, 05/30). Rau lub sijhawm no, tsis pub leejtwg mus mus los los hauv Minneapolis thiab Saint Paul tej kev lossis lwm qhov chaw, tsuas pub cov tub ceev xwm tub tua hluavtaws, cov tub xov xwm, cov mus ua haujlwm thiab cov rov los tsev, cov cheem tsum kev pab ti tes ti taw lossis cov uas khiav vim muaj kev phom sij, thiab cov neeg tsis muaj vaj muaj tse xwb. Cov kev txwv no tsis yog nyob rau hauv Minneapolis thiab Saint Paul xwb, cov nroog tswv thoob lub xeev no kuj muaj cai rhawv ib txoj kevcai txwv thiab. Mus saib hauv koj lub nroog seb muaj tej kev txwv li cas. Peb xav kom tagnrho cov pejxeem Minneapolis thiab Saint Paul zoo siab hlo ua raws li tau hais. Muaj cov tub ceev xwm yuav tswjhwm thiab ntes cov uas tsis yeem ua raws li txoj kevcai no.

COVID-19 Update:

Thursday, March 24th, 2020 Governor Walz's Executive Order 20-41, extending distance learning through the end of the 2019-20 school calendar year.

CSE will share a more detailed plan for the rest of the school year with our young scholars and their parents soon.



  • We have made the decision to close the school building in light of the current events occurring in St. Paul. We believe the safety of our families and Staff is top priority.
  • Meal distribution will be canceled on Friday, May 29th.
  • We will distribute meals on Monday June 1st between 8am to 4:30pm.
  • The board meeting is rescheduled to Monday, June 1st and board elections will occur during meal distribution.

Resources for Families (Covid-19) and Important Information >> Click Here <<

Social Distancing (Nyob Kom Sib Nrug Deb)

What to do if you’re sick with COVID-19 (Koj yuav ua li cas yog hais tias koj tau tus kabmob COVID-19 nov)

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Nyob Zoo! Welcome to Community School of Excellence, where we view our students and families as an extension of our own families.

Here at CSE, we provide students with opportunities to learn about themselves and others, including: the rich culture and language of the Hmong people, reading and writing in English, Hmong, and Mandarin Chinese, technology and web-based learning, interactive classes and literacy instruction in all content areas.

We offer an extended day program that includes tutoring, snacks, hands-on cultural learning through recreation, art, dance, computer and music.

To prepare our students’ minds and bodies for learning, all children receive free breakfast, lunch and daily snacks, including Hmong food for lunch at least two days each week.

We offer daily tours of the school and we welcome the opportunity for you to join our CSE family.

Enrollment Deadline for 2019-2020 School Year

The enrollment deadline for the 2019-2020 school year, is by the end of December 2019. All applications submitted for enrollment after December 2019 will be added to the 2020-2021 school year.

High School Registration:

Home Flyers

We send home weekly flyers about important dates and events on Thursdays. Home flyers are also available online here.

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