Amy Erickson

Academic Coach PreK-8

Mary Beth Groff

EL Coordinator

Cheepheng Her

Impact Coach PreK-2

Stuart Keroff

Technology & District Assessment

Der Lor

Impact Coach 6-8

Sher Moua

Impact Coach 3-5


Alex Karpicke

Media Specialist

Nu Khang

Safety & Security

Amie Lee

Health Aide

Mai Xee Lee

Enrollment and Student Files

Yeng Lee

Saftey & Security, Transportation

Lisa Lor

Office Coordinator

Tengo Lor

Graphic Design

Nicole Ly

Human Resource Recruiter, Ex. Assist.

Michael Sunny Pleh

Karenni Family Liaison

Julie Thao

K-8 Academic Admin. Assistant

Kim Thebault

Health and Wellness Nurse

Fong Vang

Information Technology

Mee Vang

Human Resource Generalist

MiNtshis Vang

Dance Coach and Admin. Assistant

Peter Vang

Dance Assistant

Nina Xiong-Kong


Mai Kaying Yang

Attendance Liaison, Admin. Assistant