Amy Erickson

Academic Coach 6-9

Mary Beth Groff

EL Coordinator

Sophie Bigelow

School Counselor

Cheepheng Her

Impact Coach PreK-2

Sher Moua

Impact Coach 3-5

Anne Vang-Xiong

Academic Coach PreK-2

Sweety Vang

Academic Coach 3-5


Alex Karpicke

Media Specialist

Nu Khang

Safety & Security


Amie Lee

Health Aide

Mai Lee

Admi. Assistant

Mai Xee Lee

Enrollment and Student Files

Yeng Lee

Saftey & Security, Transportation

Lisa Lor

District Provisions Coordinator

Tha Leh

Karenni Family Liaison

Tengo Lor

Graphic Design

Nicole Ly

Human Resource

Michael Sunny Pleh

Academic Support

Julie Thao

PreK-9 Academic Admin. Assistant

Kim Thebault

Health and Wellness Nurse

Fong Vang

Information Technology

MiNtshis Vang

Dance Coach and Admin. Assistant

Peter Vang

Dance Assistant

Nina Xiong-Kong



Mai Kaying Yang

Attendance Liaison, Admin. Assistant