At Community School of Excellence, our administrative team and all of our staff are dedicated to providing a caring, culturally relevant, and rigorous school experience. To contact our team members, simply access our directories below.

Leadership Team – CSE Leadership is comprised of Executive, Administration, Academic, and Operations Officers; Dean of Students, Family and Community Engagement Manager, and Communications Manager. Learn about our school leaders here.

Administration Support – Whether it's counseling students, greeting visitors or keeping our leaders organized, our administrative support team is there to help and keep us on track.

Support Staff – Running a school takes the support and dedication of a full team of people to make operations run smoothly. Meet our outstanding support staff here.

Elementary School Teachers – Our youngest learners are in good hands thanks to our elementary teachers. Meet them here.

Middle School Teachers – As our students move up to the middle grades, our teachers ensure that they have a smooth transition and are prepared for high school. Meet our middle school teachers here.

Special Education Service Providers - Our special education providers know the challenges our special education students face and they help all of our learners work to their greatest potential. Meet them here.


Consultants - CSE employs the services of specialists to meet every need of all our students.