CSE History

History of Community School of Excellence

Opening in fall of 2007, CSE began as a gathering of dedicated parents and community members whose work and requests gave birth to the mission and vision of our community school. Among the founding volunteers are parents, community members and educators who continue to be passionate about providing a quality education and a nurturing environment to all students.

CSE's journey has led to new and essential initiatives and globally minded areas of focus. Since the inception of our school, we have moved to a larger and more robust school facility, tripled our student enrollment, expanded our curriculum and programs to include a Hmong Cultural Center, and we are taking bold steps toward becoming a center for 21st Century Learning.

At CSE, we purposely promote the 21st Century teaching models and we are committed to our students becoming responsible and capable global digital citizens. Every teacher and staff member at CSE operates in a collaborative manner and is committed to Collaboration, Communication, and supporting a Welcoming, Cooperative Community. Every child at CSE is served through the following programs and approaches:

A welcoming, supportive and engaging environment, differentiated curriculum and instruction according to student needs, strengths and learning styles, Hmong Language, Culture and Literacy classes for all students, Instruction through co-teaching: together, teachers provide instruction through a Dual Layer Curriculum which focuses on content learning and language acquisition, simultaneous literacy instruction in all content areas (including reading, writing, listening, speaking and digital literacy) global, cultural and language literacies across the curriculum, creative literacies and student skills for 21st Century success, technology integration, web literacy and safety, college and career Readiness, including individual student mentor/mentee programs.

We are confident that CSE will continue to meet the needs of children in our community for many years to come. We invite you to share in our journey as we continue to grow, learn, and connect with community, both locally and around the world!