Infinite Campus Student Portal
Keeping up with your education is easy!

Want to know how you are doing in school? Students can access their information online through our secure program Infinite Campus. You can access your information at home or at school, at anytime.

What can you do with the secure Parent Portal?

  • See class schedules and calendar events
  • See up-to-date notification on grades, including teacher comments
  • Class course information and requirements
  • Vaccine and health information
  • Attendance
  • Reports and homework information
  • Transportation records
  • Parent/guardian information

How to sign up for the Student Portal access.

1.     Fill out and sign "Student Portal Policy" form. (Form below.)

2.     Send form to the State Data Report/Infinite Campus Coordinator. (Contacts below.)

3.     Access and information will be sent via email.

  1. Sign in to Infinite Campus here.