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Over There by Steve Pilcher
Join Shredder, a little shrew, on his journey across the big forest to find the shiny object sparkling in the distance. What could it be?!

Vampirina Ballerina by Anne Marie Pace
Vampirina wants to be a ballerina, but there is a problem; she's a vampire! Will she make her dancing dreams come true?

A Very Witchy Spelling Bee by George Shannon
Cordelia, a young witch, loves to spell (and cast spells), but can she beat the 13 time champion Beulah Divine in this year's spelling bee? Read to find out!


Sidney & and Sydney Book 1 by Michele Jakubowski
Sidney is new to Oak Grove, which is hard enough without sharing a name with a girl in his class. Will he survive 3rd grade? Will he make friends with the weird other Sydney?

Sherlock Holmes and the Disappearing Diamond by Sam Hearn
When John Watson and his classmate Sherlock take a field trip to one of London's top museums they discover the world's most famous jewel has been stolen! Can they solve the mystery with the help of their friend Martha and their trusty pup Baskerville?

Gabby Duran and the Unsittables by Elise Allen & Daryle Conners
When babysitting superstar Gabby Duran is hired by A.L.I.E.N., a secret government agency, to babysit alien children, her life is turned upside down. Join Gabby on her crazy adventure!

Middle School

Finding My Hat by John Son
Being different isn't easy. Especially for Jin-Han Park. He has no memories of Korea, but he's growing up with parents who cook kimchi for dinner, read Korean newspapers, and don't always understand the ways of young American boys. But somewhere between kimchi and corn dogs, Jin-Han will make a place for himself. Delve into this beautifully written, deeply personal account of growing up in two worlds.

The Return of Death Eric by Sam Llewellyn
When Lou and Buddy's retired rock star father Eric Thrashmettle goes bankrupt, they must get him back on the road to get the family bank accounts out of the red. Jump into this silly, funny, yet heartfelt novel about family, love, and redemption.

Books Series: Hoot, Flush, Scat, and Chomp by Carl Hiaasen
Welcome to Florida! Follow Roy Eberhardt and friends as they work to save a community of endangered owls (Hoot), Noah as he battles his own father's company to protect the water of the local harbor (Flush), and much more in Carl Hiaasen's beloved 4 book series.