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Media Center


Hours & Contact

Alex Karpicke, Media Specialist

       Phone: (651) 917-0073 Ext.241
       Twitter: @csemediacenter

Monday- Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm

Library Catalog
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Thank you for reading CSE Media Center's news section! Expect this section to be updated regularly with announcements, event details, information on new arrivals, and stories from CSE classrooms.


Welcome back!

We hope everyone had a wonderful summer. The media center is stocked, organized, and ready for visits. Regularly scheduled media center visits will begin the 2nd week of school. We look forward to students and teachers checking out the new space!

Updated Collection

100s of new books arrived this summer and are ready to be checked out. Go to the "Check it out!" page to view some of the new titles we're excited about, and feel free to access our library catalog to search for any title. 

New Manga/Graphic Novels Section

This summer we added a brand new collection of mangas and graphic novels. Stop by to see what's available!

Request a book!

If there is a book, book series, author, or specific topic you are interested in write it down and put it in the "Request a Book" bucket in the media center. We'll try our best to add it to our collection.

Mission & Goals

Mission: CSE Media Center staff strive to develop curious, creative, resourceful, and well-informed scholars who love to read, are capable of accessing, organizing, and evaluating information, and use their knowledge to solve problems and participate productively in their communities.

Media Center Goals:

Commitment to Excellence

  • Supporting each individual learner's needs and goals

  • Support of academic excellence through capitalization upon learner assets and cultural strengths

  • Promotion of lifelong learning

  • Implementation of best practice instructional strategies

Student Development Goals

  • Development of an intrinsic love for reading (reading for pleasure)

  • Development of an intrinsic curiosity and thirst for knowledge

  • Development of personal and mutual respect through a welcoming, supportive, and engaging environment

  • Development of collaborative skills to encourage self-motivation and responsibility for personal actions

Skill Development Goals

  • Using research skills to

    • Solve problems

    • Gain knowledge and satisfy curiosities

    • Answer research questions

  • Development of strong inquiry and critical thinking skills

  • Development of effective use of information technology, both digitally and in print

  • Development of strong literacy skills including reading, writing, and media literacy

  • Cultivation of safe and ethical technology and information usage practices

  • Development of correct ethical attitudes and habits in regards to intellectual property, plagiarism, and research