Community School of Excellence offers an 
education found nowhere else. 
Part of what makes our school special are the programs we offer. 
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After School Program (ASP)
From baking to bookmaking, CSE offers an array of enrichment classes after school hours.

This is CSE's middle school computer club that is making the news for changing our school, our community, and these students' lives.

Chinese Language Program
CSE offers language aquisition in Mandarin Chinese, which includes lessons on Chinese culture.

Dance Team
Our wildly popular CSE Dancers have been on stage, in parades, in stadiums, and on magazine covers. Click here to learn more about the teams.

CSE attracts a high number of students learning English as a second language. This program helps them catch up to their statewide peers in English proficiency. 
Gifted and Talented
CSE takes special care to nurture the minds of those students who show exceptional promise. 

CSE serves as a hub connecting to Hmong communities all over the world. 

Special education is a program that tailors education to the needs of eligible students. It is intended to give students the support and resources they need to make progress in school. 

 Sports Programs

Student Council