What Makes CSE a Good Place for Education?

"As a parent, I am proud every time I step into the school because it is clean, safe, and welcoming.  I feel that it is truly a “community school” because CSE belongs to the entire community.

"CSE is special to our family because it provides learning opportunities that cannot be measured by test scores.  I don’t know of any other school that provides this kind of “hands on” education for their students.

"My wife and I are grateful to the wonderful teachers and staff at CSE.  Because of them, we get to hear many stories from our kids about the exciting things they are learning at school.  As a parent, it gives me great joy to hear about what my kids are learning and how they are being challenged."

-William Siong, CSE Parent

"The education and feeling of belonging that my both of my sons and I have gotten during their time at Community school of Excellence is nothing that we have ever seen or experienced at any other school."

-Aimmy Casale, parent

"We believe in our mission of fostering active, compassionate, and lifelong learners who will help to create a better world through intercultural understanding and respect."

-Blythe Inners, teacher

"[My daughter] comes home with funny and happy stories of her friends, the caring staff, and how Ms. Mo Chang greets them and listens to them each day about what is going well and what is not. 

I can tell from my child's attitude and behavior that the staff care greatly and passionately for our children. 

These children are being taught to be proud of who they are and to value where they come from. The school is providing them the education that they need to be successful and navigate their way through school on to high school and college.  

-Mai Zia Lee, CSE parent

"CSE is not just an alternative school of choice for parents; it is a place that renews many Hmong parents' hopes and aspirations for their children's education and cultural preservation; it's a place where Hmong children feel a sense of pride in their culture and heritage; it's a place where Hmong children are forming connections to positive Hmong role models; and, most important of all, it's a place where members of the Hmong community can proudly say, "This school belongs to us." 

As one parent puts it, 'CSE is a Hmong school; it's a second home to my children.'"

-Excerpt from a letter from University of Minnesota professor and Hmong scholar, Zha Blong Xiong 

Tou Ger Bennett-Xiong - Cultural Storyteller, Performer and Speaker

"As someone who has traveled the country and presented to over 700 schools nationwide, I've come to be inspired by CSE's students and their commitment to learning. CSE middle school students exemplify the virtues of International Baccalaureate learners. I am truly impressed by their student leadership and the level of energy and excitement they bring into their classrooms, their extra-curricular activities, and to their community. Students and staff conduct themselves with grace and professionalism. As a professional Cultural Storyteller and Diversity Speaker, I believe in the saying, "when our people feel good, they will do good," and that self esteem has everything to do with performance not only in school, but in life. CSE students are an excellent example of that."