Daily Bulletin
Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Absent Staff
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News and Information
  • Due to school canceled on Monday, Chicken Patty has replaced Thursday's student meals.
  • Stu Keroff requests that the school limit traffic on the bandwidth due to testing. Please do not stream.

Champions of Excellence
  • KG: Sarena Lo - Picking up trash off the ground.
  • 1st: Sasuke Vang - Having a voice level 0 in the hallway.
  • 2nd: Maxilena Xiong - Remembering the homework rules all by herself w/o reminders. 
  • 3rd: Gao Chee Her - Always being helpful in class. 
  • 4th: Lavender Vue - Helping clean the classroom floor. 
  • 5th: Sunshine Lee - Finding a missing laptop
  • 6th: Paris Yang - Stacking chairs at the end of each day.
  • 7th: Jada Vang - Having a positive attitude about everything.
Upcoming Dates

Theme of the Month
Be Motivated (March)
I can encourage myself and others to always do their very best.

"I dreamed it all ever since I was young. They said I would be nothing, now they always say congratulations. Worked so hard, forgot how to vacation. They ain't never had the dedication. People hatin', say we changed and look we made it. Yeah, we made it."
- Post Malone

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  • Send color copy requests to Lisa Lor
  • South parking lot is reserved for student recess and afternoon transportation
  • North parking lot is reserved for parents and student pick-ups