Reserve for K-5 Student Conferences Online

Note: Online reservations for conferences have concluded. If you still need to register for conferences, please contact us with the information below. - March 13, 2018

The next parent and teacher conferences are on March 14-15, 2018 from 4:30pm-8:00pm

You can reserve for your child’s parent teacher conference online. It’s simple and easy. A website has been prepared on which you choose the teacher you wish to meet. A Google Form will then open up.

  • Enter your child’s name and your name.

  • From a list of available appointment times, select the time you wish to meet your child’s teacher. You can have more than one form open at the same time, so that you can coordinate appointments with more than one teacher.

  • When you have all of the information entered, simply click “submit” and a record of your appointment will be emailed to you.

Hmong and Karreni interpreters are available.
  • Laura Larson
  • Sharon Maleska
  • Kelsey O'Donnell
  • Aaron Porzelius
  • Sweety Vang

1st Grade
  • Meaghan Burns
  • Kim Demarre
  • Tonya Jaworski
  • PJ Parsons
  • Anne Vang-Xiong

2nd Grade
  • Tracy Chapman
  • Lou Fang
  • Heidi Lindner
  • Bao Ka Vang
  • Mai Tong Vang

3rd Grade
  • Brandy Beggerly
  • Sara Jaszewski
  • Mee Moua
  • Brian Robertson
  • Sue Feng Vue

4th Grade
  • Sheng Her
  • Roberta Johnson-Pencook
  • Christie Keefer
  • Julie Rocky
  • Ue Vang

5th Grade
  • Kelly Berghaus
  • Sarah Her
  • Karly Koshoshek
  • Chia Lee Yang
  • Donna Lenius

6th-8th Grade
  • Middle School (6-8) conferences will remain the same in the Gymnasium.